Coach Stacy leading assembly

When you’re moving, you’re improving – and that’s what Fitness Scouts is all about. Our mission is to educate Americans on healthy lifestyles, promote physical activity and fitness, and decrease obesity and disease caused by overweight and inactivity. Founded by Coach Stacy Fowler, a Personal Trainer, coach and educator, Fitness Scouts was created out of her burning desire to advance prevention as a cause.

According to a recent Surgeon General Report, “Overweight and obesity….have reached epidemic proportions in the United States.” Nearly half of American youths aged 12-21 years are not vigorously active on a regular basis. Less and less of children’s leisure time is spent in physical activities. What’s more, youths spend an average of six hours a day with media – cell phones, television, radio, video games and internet. It’s not surprising, then, that today there are nearly twice as many overweight children and almost three times as many overweight adolescents as there were in 1980.

Overweight and obesity and their associated health problems have substantial economic consequences on the adult and senior population as well. Make no mistake – obesity is a public health crisis that will cost the US about $344 billion in medical related expenses by 2018. Right now, obesity-related medical expenditures cost Colorado $874 million annually, while the average overweight person costs a company $401 a year. Furthermore, inactivity and obesity are associated with increased risk of depression, social stigmatization, poor body image and discrimination. The good news is that obesity and its staggering costs and consequences are preventable – but only if Americans take ownership of their health.

Fitness Scouts provides a means to that end through programs and initiatives aimed at encouraging people to be active and eat healthy.

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